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Koop hier the Wild Thing, de tool die je écht wilt hebben!
Buy your Wild Thing here, the trimming tool that you really want!

Momenteel is de voorraad uitverkocht! Maar nog steeds te koop op bestelling.
Ontvang hem binnen 5 weken!

Currently all stock is sold! But still for sale in pre-order.
Get yours withing 5 weeks!

Buy NOW for €69,00 incl shipment in Europe!

The Wild Thing incl EU shipment

Op voorraad

The Wild Thing!

The ultimate multi-purpose trimming tool for any hoofcare provider.
Very easy to use, a hoof pick and sole scraper in one go!
No more accidentely cutting into live sole with you knife and saves you time cleaning the hoof.

It's forged in Australia by Wild about Hooves. A very unique product that you haven't seen anywhere else. With a beautifull handmade handheld with the WaH-logo offcourse.

How awesome to own one right?

You can sharpen the scraper, so the durability of this product is very long.

A true musthave for your toolbox.

Order it today and it will be shipped to you asap.

Price is including shipment in NL and Europe


Enjoy your wild moments with the wild things!

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